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Haida Gwaii Wilderness Garden 1

Haida Gwaii Wilderness Garden 1

January 12, 2014 Linda has donated two paintings Haida Gwaii Wilderness Garden 1 & 2 to the Vancouver School Board. Date of dedication: Monday, January 13th, 2014.

“Your work will not only light up the vestibule of the space, they will enlighten and lift the work of the people who dedicate themselves to making our education system the best that it can be.” — Steve Cardwell, Vancouver School Board

Queen Alexandra School Mural

Queen Alexandra School Mural with George Littlechild: A mural created with contributions from the students

January 1, 2014 Linda and George Littlechild recently completed a mural for the Vancouver School Board’s Queen Alexandra Elementary.

“The gift you both had to offer our students will be unforgettable. Everyday in the lunch room I am surprised by another new bit on the mural. Thank you so much to you and George for making memories and stories with our students.” — Cheryll Matthews, Principal

May 26, 2012: Linda is one of fifty artists invited to create works of art for Artists for an Oil Free Coast, showcasing the incredible and dramatic natural beauty and ecological diversity of remote portions of the North and Central BC coasts. This project is presented in opposition to the proposed Enbridge pipeline. Watch for a coffee table book and exhibit in the fall of 2012. Raincoast conservation has endorsed and supported this project.

Oct 25, 2011: Linda Frimer’s Persecute us Not from her series In Honour of Our Grandmothers is featured in Vancouver Dialogues: First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and Immigrant Communities.